Audio and Video Production Services

In Focus Creative is a one stop shop for television commercial, radio ad and web video production. We start with the basic concept and take your spot all the way through delivery to your media outlet. From commercial writing and directing to radio voice work and editing, we can create compelling advertisements that get results.

We also work very closely with the best talent in the market making us a very versatile production company to meet a wide variety of client needs and budgets.

Corporate Sales and Training Videos

Video production can be the most practical and cost-effective way to train employees or give more detail about your business or product. In Focus Creative can help in all phases of the process from pre-production planning, to shooting the video, to the post-production editing. Your final video product will be effective and beautiful.

Television Commercials

Television is still one of the most powerful ways to promote your business or introduce a product. Years of experience in the industry, as well as the latest in camera and editing equipment allow us to quickly take your commercial from concept to completion with a strong message and stellar visuals. We work hard to understand your business, work within your budget, and deliver your ad on time.

Digital Web Videos

People now expect businesses to have a website, and on that site you need a compelling video. Introduce your business, your product, yourself, or an idea in a way that connects with your audience. It’s the perfect platform to tell your story, train, inspire and gain a competitive edge. Successful web video production takes experience; IFC has been helping businesses grow in visually compelling ways for over 20 years.

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