Production Process

shooting-videoConcept Development/Script Writing
The foundation to making video production work for your company is to come up with a creative that will propel your business forward. To do so, we must find out all we can about your business. And who knows your business better then you? We begin asking questions right away to find out what your goals are and what sets you apart from others. Once we narrow down the information to a select few bullet points, we start working on the creative. Sometimes, it is a message that is straightforward and to the point, other times it requires going outside the box. Once the creative is approved, then the commercial  writing begins and we are on our way.

In Focus Creative teams with award winning HD camera crews to insure the creative vision comes to life in the most spectacular way. Whether on location or in a studio facility, state of the art camera and audio equipment are used. Plus, we can give each shot a little extra visual boost using jibs, sliders, top of the line lighting equipment, drones, teleprompters and more.

directing-videoEvery commercial production needs an experienced leader that knows how to get the most from each scene. Sometimes, its directing on camera-talent, other times, it’s making sure the scene is set up in the right way to get a spectacular visual. Either way, a line-producer/director knows the creative, the talent, and the crew inside and out, to create the best possible product.

Commercial Voice Work and On Screen Talent
In Focus Creative is connected to the industry’s best talent for commercial voice work and on-camera acting to bring life to each production. We conduct the casting to narrow the talent down to a select few. We can then make the choice on who will fit your production best or give you the chance to make that selection yourself.

Here is where the magic happens. Your video is put in sequence, graphics are added, music and sound effects are inserted and it all looks seamless. It is amazing what editing equipment can do in the hands of the most creative and technical minds with over 20 years of experience.